21 Products to Improve Your Front Door Security

In nearly 75% of household burglaries, forcible entry is attempted through the front door. Most often, doors are damaged or removed, or handles or locks are removed or tampered. And while windows are still vulnerable with more than 44% of burglars entering through them, a highly secure front door is still your first line of defense against a would-be burglar.

A fully featured home security system with monitoring is ideal for home and personal security to thwart burglars. But if you want extra reassurance, or just a few products to help you increase your security at your front door, there are a number of excellent solutions to choose from.

Front door security products range from low tech monitors, front door hardware, and lights to smart video doorbells, door locks, and security cameras that you can manage from anywhere in the world with your smart phone. Read on to check out some of the most exciting and useful products you can install on your front door for added security and protection against burglars.

Door Reinforcement Products

Builder grade just doesn't cut it when a burglar is kicking down your door. A secure front door starts with a solid wood or steel door, but added hardware can help make it more difficult to break down your door.

  1. Door Armor MAX Combo: Armor your front door or repair the damage from an existing kick in with this combo set. It includes a jamb shield, door shields, and hinge shields. This set takes just 30 minutes to install and beef up your front door's security hardware. Cost: $70
  2. Master Lock Security Bar: This dual function security bar works for both hinged and sliding doors. It is a physical barrier that can prevent your door from opening if a burglar tries to force it open. This low tech solution is affordable and takes just seconds to install. Cost: about $20
  3. Nightlock Security Lock Door Barricade: Fight door kick ins and protect your home and family from home invasions and burglary with this simple barricade that installs at the bottom of your door. You'll add the base plate at the bottom of your door, then add the barricade when you're home to prevent your front door from being kicked in. Cost: about $40

Front Door Lighting Products

A well lit front door illuminates burglars when they'd rather hide in the dark, encouraging them to move on to easier targets and leave your front door alone. Front door security lighting will ideally automatically turn on, either from dusk to dawn or with a motion sensor so that your front door security lighting is automated -- and doesn't give away clues to when you are and aren't home.

  1. Westinghouse Dusk to Dawn Steel Wall Lantern: Westinghouse's exterior wall lantern is ideal for front porches with an automatic on off dusk to dawn sensor, so it will always be on in the dark and turn off to save energy during the day. Cost: $70 for one, $100 for two
  2. Fulcrum Wireless LED Porch Light: Fulcrum's wireless porch light is motion activated, wireless, weatherproof, and easy to install. This LED light uses 4 C batteries, requiring no wiring for the installation. The lamp can be rotated to direct the light exactly where you want to it illuminate, and it is motion activated with a sensor to automatically turn on and off after detecting movement within 25 feet. Batteries last approximately four months, and the light installs anywhere with a screwdriver and two screws. Cost: Less than $30
  3. Mpow LED Solar Powered Wireless Security Light: Another wireless security light with easy installation, this light is solar powered, offering practically maintenance free lighting for your front door. Its sensor length is 26 feet, and the light offers three intelligent modes including strong long light mode, dim light sensor mode, and strong light sensor mode. Cost: Less than $30
  4. Solar Powered LED Outdoor Spotlight: Front porch lighting is essential to security, but what about the rest of your home? Protect your driveway, front windows, and other vulnerable security points out front with effective lighting that will never run out of power. This LED light can be staked into the ground or wall mounted and relies on solar power for is strong beam. It is easy to install and is maintenance free, turning on automatically and off at sunrise. Cost: $20 for one or $36 for two
  5. LED Outdoor Security Floodlight: This security floodlight has a dusk to dawn light sensor and motion activated protection. It has 180 degree motion sensor detection with adjustable detection of up to 32.8 feet. You can choose to have it turn on dusk to dawn, sense motion, or simply have it always turned on. LEDs are rated to last for 22 years, offering you decades of front door lighting protection. Cost: Less than $50

Front Door Motion Detection and Alarms

Want to know when someone tries to enter your home? Front door motion detectors and alarms can alert you and your neighbors in the event of an intrusion right as it happens, giving you precious seconds to hide and call 911 for help.

  1. Doberman Security Entry Defense Alarm: While security systems that monitor for opened doors and broken windows and alert the authorities are ideal, a noisy alarm like this one can scare off a burglar as well. This entry defense alarm is triggered when the magnetic seal is broken with a loud 100 decibel alarm that will alert your neighbors and likely spook a burglar. This alarm is easy to install by just peeling and sticking. Cost: $17
  2. GE Personal Security Door Stop Alarm: This door stop offers an easy to install security solution. Simply place the door stop under a door, and when pressure is placed on the doorstop from opening, the loud alarm will be activated. This door stop is battery powered with no wiring or complicated installations. Cost: less than $10

Front Door Visual Security

Want to know who is on the other side of your front door when you're home (or even when you aren't)? Visual security devices can give you answers. Whether you're installing a low tech peephole or a video camera or doorbell, these products can help you see, capture, and monitor everything that happens at your front door.

  1. Stanley Front Door Peephole: One of the most basic and affordable ways to increase your front door security is to see what's on the other side. If your front door isn't equipped with a peephole, it's a good idea to get one so that you can screen who you open the door to. This peephole offers 180 degree viewing and fits most doors. Cost: Less than $10
  2. Ring Video Doorbell: Traditional doorbells tell you when someone's at your door and you should answer it, but the Ring Video Doorbell takes things a step further, adding wide angled HD video with remote viewing from your smart phone. There's also smart motion detection and cloud recording with instant mobile alerts, so you can see and record visitors (and potential burglars) at your front door even when you're not home. Plus, you can speak with anyone at your front door with video chatting. Cost: $199
  3. Ring Stick Up Cam: Similar to the video doorbell, Ring's Stick Up Cam allows you to see, hear, and speak with visitors at your front door or anywhere around your home. This camera is weather resistant and wire free with wireless camera recording. You can turn on motion detection, two way audio, night vision, and cloud video recording for security, plus set up app alerts to find out when there's activity on your camera. Cost: $199
  4. Nest Cam: Many people are familiar with the Nest smart thermostat. This camera is part of the Nest family and offers 24/7 live streaming with advanced night vision, activity alerts, and a magnetic stand. You can also use it with the integrated Nest app. The app will send you alerts, so if there's motion, you'll know about it. The Nest Cam can also send you an alert for unusual noises like crashes or intruders. Cost: $199
  5. Brinno Digital PeepHole Viewer: Take your peephole into the next generation with this digital viewer. You can get a better view of who is at your front door with this device that displays on an LCD panel. Just push the button to see a large image of the person outside of your door, and zoom in if necessary. Cost: $75
  6. Brinno Hidden Front Door Camera: This front door camera fits in your door's peephole and captures images without alerting the person on the other side. You can view who is at your front door and push a button to display and record an image of the person on the other side of the door. You can also enable an optional knocking sensor and motion sensor to have photos taken automatically even when you're not home. Cost: Less than $100
  7. Dome Fake Surveillance Security Cameras: A security camera can help you avoid or catch a thief with footage from a break in, but often, the true value of a security camera is their ability to scare off burglars who would rather not be caught on tape. With this fake security camera, you'll give the appearance of continuous recording with a blinking LD and fake lens. This camera imitator is easy to install along with security warning stickers, and it comes in a four pack for your front door, back door, and other vulnerable security points. Cost: $20 for four

Front Door Keys and Locks

Front door keys are a security measure everyone has, but these key solutions take things to the next level. With smartphone access, temporary key codes, and the latest technology, these keys and locks will make your front door much more secure -- and convenient.

  1. Kwikset Kevo: Kwikset's Kevo is is smart lock that offers convenience and security. Instead of using an actual key, you can just connect your Kevo to your smartphone and touch the smart lock for it to open. Or, use a Kevo fob with a Bluetooth deadbolt. Plus, through the Kevo mobile app, you can set up eKeys, which can be used to set up guest keys for dog walkers, contractors, and neighbors that will abide by preset time constraints. With this feature, you don't have to worry about handing out and getting keys back (or worry about having them copied without your knowledge). You'll also get a history of lock activity and the ability to configure and set up other options with the app. Cost: Less than $200
  2. Lockitron: Similar to Kevo, Lockitron uses Bluetooth to enable keyless entry and the ability to share access without giving out your key. Using the Lockitron app, you'll get notifications when anyone uses their phone or key to unlock your door, as well as the ability to instantly share access with family, friends, and visitors. You can even use Lockitron Bolt with your old house keys with KeyMatch. Cost: $99
  3. Haven: Unlike many front door locks, Haven isn't installed on the door. Rather, Haven is a wedge barrier that is anchored to the floor as it reinforces and locks your door. It offers excellent door reinforcement with military grade materials, fortifying your door at the base. Kicking, lock bumping, and even battering rams can't get through Haven. With a Bluetooth keyfob, you'll get easy access, and Haven works with smart home integration. You can also connect from anywhere with a WiFi bridge. Cost: $249 for lock and key fob bundle
  4. August: August offers a suite of front door security solutions including a smart lock, doorbell cam, smart keypad, and remote access. You can use your smartphone as a smart key for access to your home, create virtual keys, view who comes to your home, and get remote access on the August app or online from anywhere in the world. August products use two factor authentication, two layer encryption, and a lost phone feature that allows you to disable the August app. Cost: $79 to $199