Cities with the Highest and Lowest Property Crimes and Burglaries in America

highest and lowest property crimes and burglaries in america (photo by

highest and lowest property crimes and burglaries in america (photo by

Crime is not uniform, and it doesn't strike with as much frequency in some areas as it does in others. Unfortunately, there are a number of cities that are significantly more prone to property crimes than others, particularly burglary.

But just as there are cities with high rates of property crimes and burglary, there are cities with low rates. We'll take a look at both, highlighting cities with the best crime rates -- and the worst. Read on, and you'll also learn what these statistics mean and how you can use this information.

These cities have the highest rates of property crimes per 100,000 residents:

  1. Tucson, AZ: 6,581.9
  2. Orlando, FL: 6,359
  3. St. Louis, MO: 6,252.6
  4. Seattle, WA: 6,127.3
  5. Memphis, TN: 5,988.0
  6. Oakland, CA: 5,943.3
  7. Atlanta, GA: 5,747.4
  8. St. Petersburg, FL: 5,642.2
  9. Cincinnati, OH: 5,562.2
  10. Albuquerque, NM: 5,556.1
  11. Cleveland, OH: 5,434.4
  12. San Antonio, TX: 5,417.8
  13. Wichita, KS: 5,382.3
  14. San Francisco, CA: 5,303.2
  15. Portland, OR: 5,234.8
  16. Tulsa, OK: 5,234.8
  17. Washington, DC 5,012.5
  18. Kansas City, MO: 4,835.0
  19. Miami, FL: 4,832.7
  20. Indianapolis, IN: 4,832.1

On the flip side, these cities have the lowest rates of property crimes per 100,000 residents:

  1. New York, NY: 1.601.9
  2. Jersey City, NJ: 1,630.7
  3. Santa Ana, CA: 1,719.1
  4. Chula Vista, CA: 1,740.7
  5. San Diego, CA: 1,959.0
  6. Plano, TX: 1,974.6
  7. Henderson, NV: 1,978.3
  8. Los Angeles, CA: 2,128.1
  9. El Paso, TX: 2,141.8
  10. Virginia Beach, VA: 2,174.9
  11. Chandler, AZ: 2,236.0
  12. Anaheim, CA: 2,362.3
  13. Tampa, FL: 2,427.7
  14. San Jose, CA: 2,434.1
  15. Boston, MA: 2,638.9
  16. Long Beach, CA: 2,640.1
  17. Mesa, AZ: 2,800.3
  18. Aurora, CA: 2,838.6
  19. Newark, NJ: 2,851.2
  20. Las Vegas, NV: 2,923.4

Of course, property crimes alone don't tell the whole story for home owners. Property crimes include not just burglary, but also larceny theft and motor vehicle theft. If you're looking for cities where you're most likely to have your home burglarized, you'll find them here:

  1. Santa Fe, NM: 2,773.8
  2. Youngstown, OH: 2,612.4
  3. Springfield, OH: 2,353.8
  4. Canton, OH: 2,180.7
  5. Hamilton, OH: 2,052.8
  6. Gary, IN: 2,030.5
  7. Macon, GA: 1,969.1
  8. Lorain, OH: 1,942.4
  9. North Little Rock, AK: 1,907.3
  10. Albany, GA: 1,793.4
  11. Lauderhill, GA: 1,793.0
  12. Jonesboro, AK: 1,694.6
  13. Terre Haute, IN1,692.5
  14. Yakima, WA: 1,683.8
  15. Wilmington, DE: 1,681.3
  16. Reading, PA: 1,634.0
  17. Lawton, OK: 1,579.3
  18. Council Bluffs, IA: 1,546.9
  19. Trenton, NJ: 1,513.2
  20. Jackson, TN: 1,478.9

There are a number of large cities with shockingly low crime rates, however. The top city on our list has less than 50 burglaries per 100,000 residents. These cities have the absolute lowest burglary rates in the nation:

  1. Palatine, IL: 47.9
  2. Parma, OH: 58.1
  3. Greenwich, CT: 72.6
  4. Fishers, IN: 127.2
  5. Johns Creek, GA: 129.9
  6. Clarkstown Town, NY: 133.4
  7. Carmel, IN: 138.8
  8. Northern York Regional, PA: 150.8
  9. O'Fallon, MO: 155.0
  10. Flower Mound, TX: 157.3
  11. Ramapo Town, NY: 160.3
  12. Eden Prarie, MN: 172.4
  13. Arlington Heights, IL: 185.5
  14. San Ramon, CA: 197.3
  15. North Bergen Township, NJ: 200.8
  16. Camarillo, CA: 209.0
  17. Alpharetta, GA: 211.6
  18. Beaverton, OR: 212.4
  19. Newton, MA: 213.4
  20. Old Bridge Township, NJ: 216.5

City Security Statistics You Should Note

What can we take away from all these rankings? There are a number of interesting facts that pop up in these statistics:

  • With four out of the top five cities for the highest burglary rates in America, it's clear Ohio has a problem. Youngstown, Springfield, Canton, and Hamilton all have burglary rates of more than 2,000 burglaries per 100,000 residents. Lorain, OH is in the top 10 highest burglary rates in America as well in the number eight spot.
  • Ohio doesn't have all bad news, however: Parma, OH has the second lowest rate of burglaries in America with just 58.1 burglaries per 100,000 residents.
  • New York City has the absolute lowest rate of property crime in the nation. This is particularly notable, as it is the largest city in the United States. In this city that never sleeps, neighbors are clearly watching out for each other.
  • Los Angeles, the second largest city in America, also has a significantly low rate of property crime. This city is in the top ten lowest for property crimes with 2,128.1 property crimes per 100,000 residents.
  • California overall has the largest number of cities with the lowest property crime rates in the nation, with cities including Santa Ana, Chula Vista, and San Diego topping the list. Texas is not far behind, with both Plano and El Paso in the top 10.
  • There is no state that stands out in particular among the lowest burglary rates, however, both New York and California have cities among the top 20.

What These City Crime Statistics Mean

These city crime statistics reflect the number of crimes that are reported in any given location. A higher rate of property crime or burglary in a particular city may indicate that there truly are more crimes in that city. Or, it may mean that there's simply a better rate of crime reporting -- and hopefully, criminals are being caught at a higher rate as well. Although this can tell residents that there is a higher rate of crime in their area, it's not necessarily a bad thing: a high rate of property crime or burglary could mean that citizens are simply reporting incidents at a higher rate, and the wheels of justice are working as they should be.

It's tough to tell the whole story of crime in any particular city with statistics alone. But current and potential residents of cities with both high and low crime rates should take notice and understand how these statistics may have an impact on their safety and home security.

What You Can Do With This Information

If you're a resident of say, Santa Fe, where residents can expect the highest burglary rates, you shouldn't panic. But you should be considering what these statistics mean for your home security. Home owners who live in cities or states that are prone to property crimes or burglaries should be aware of it. In these cities in particular, it's a good idea to assess your home security needs and consider how a home security system can give you peace of mind and an added layer of protection.

Of course, crime can strike anywhere, so even if you're in a city with the lowest burglary rates in America, you should know that you and your home are never immune to crimes, and it's always smart to plan how you can protect your home and family.