Beyond Home Security: How Home Security Systems Can Automate Your Home

home automation features (photo by

home automation features (photo by

Can't remember if you closed the garage door or locked the back door after you let the dogs in? You'll have to turn around and check. Need to let the contractor in to work on your home? You can leave a key or let them in yourself. At least, that's how it's always been done in the past. But now, home security systems today often come with a host of home automation features that make these problems a thing of the past.

Instead of hauling yourself back home to check your doors or locks, you can just pull up an app on your phone to confirm that you've got them set. You can give contractors, house cleaners, or dog walkers a code to get into your home, or simply have them call you when they arrive to have you unlock the door for them remotely.

With home automation, you'll have the ability to manage your home's security, temperature, lighting, and more from a mobile device or computer anywhere in the world. That means you can not only check on your locks, you can turn on lights and cool down rooms before you come home, and even check video feeds to make sure your dog isn't eating the couch while you're work.

Home automation makes your house smarter, safer, and more convenient, and there's an impressive array of options available with many home security systems. These include:

  • remote lock control and door monitoring
  • lighting adjustment
  • geo location rules
  • video streaming
  • voice commands
  • thermostat control
  • smart appliances
  • programmable settings and smart schedules
  • remote alerts

How Home Automation Features Work

This all sounds great, but how exactly do the features work? Learn more about what each of these features does here:

Remote Lock and Arming

If you forget to set your alarm, lock your door, or close the garage door, you can do it from your phone with a remote arm or disarm. This means you can also check to see if the door was left open, allowing you to avoid a trip back home to check. Remote unlocking and locking also makes it easy to let contractors, dog walkers, house sitters, and other visitors to your home in without having to pass out a key.

Lighting Adjustment

Add your lights to your home automation system, and you can make it appear as if you're home whether you are or not. Automatic light settings can be scheduled when you're away. Or, you can turn on lights remotely if you know you won't be home before a certain time. On some systems, you can even set lighting rules such as turning on the living room light when you arrive home, or turning on all of the lights in your home any time an alarm is triggered. Lighting adjustment features are a great way to lower electricity bills by turning lights on and off on a set schedule while also increasing convenience and security in your home.

Geolocation Rules

With geo services enabled, you'll be able to set up a geo fence around your home that responds to the movement of your smart phone or other mobile device. Set up rules, and when you leave or arrive, certain settings can be turned on or off. For example, you can tell your home to automatically arm your security system when you leave, or turn on lights and bump down the air conditioner when you get home.

Video Streaming

Ever wonder what goes on in your house every day when you're not home? With video streaming, you don't have to wonder anymore. Tune in to your home's live video, and you can check on pets, teens, and your property remotely.

Voice Commands

Your home security system can recognize your voice and allow you to arm or disarm your system, turn on lights, unlock doors, and more, just with the sound of your voice.

Thermostat Control

Automate your thermostat, and you'll get convenient remote temperature control. You can turn the air conditioner or heater to the temperature you'd like it to be before you get home, or adjust while you're away. Set up geo locations, and you can tell your home when it's OK to turn off the system, then have it turn back on again to a more comfortable temperature when you arrive home again. This is a great way to save on heating and cooling costs.

Smart Appliances

More than lights, security, and temperature control, you can even control some appliances with certain home security automation systems. Add your washer, dishwasher, television, even your oven to your home automation system for convenience and safety features. Start a wash before you get home, preheat your oven, or tune your TV to a show you'd like to watch.

Programmable Settings and Smart Schedules

Perhaps the most exciting feature in home automation is the ability to set up features for your home however you'd like. You can set up customized schedules for your lights, thermostat, and more. You can tell it when you want your blinds to be open, even set your coffee maker to brew up a fresh pot as you're waking up.

Remote Alerts

As part of a home security system, one of the most important automation features is the security alerts available. On many systems, you can ask to receive a text or email alert when there is a potential problem, such as a fire or security alarm triggered, or even a door left open. Instead of getting a call from your neighbors, you can find out instantly and act on it right away.

With home automation, your house can become safer and more convenient. Home automation opens up a world of options that allow you to change settings, set schedules, and have your home think ahead for you. This is technology that can turn on your lights, open your door, and brew up a pot of coffee for you. The only thing that's missing is a foot massage when you come home!