The 33 Leading Home Automation Blogs

Home automation is a hot topic. It seems every day, we're hearing about a new smart home device available that will make our homes more secure, convenient, or just plain cool. Whether you're turning on lights automatically, locking the door behind you without using a key, or even accessing your home's systems while you're away, it's amazing what home automation can do. These blogs track trends, updates, and products in home automation, keeping you informed on the latest developments. You may even learn a thing or two about implementing your own smart home devices and solutions. Check out our favorite home automation blogs to explore the possibilities of a smarter home.

  1. At Home in the Future: What will your home look like in the future? At Home in the Future shares smart home and technology updates, exploring solutions to making your home a better place to live with home automation.
  2. ConnectSense: ConnectSense focuses on the use of sensors in the home and beyond. Learn about using sensors for home automation, new apps, conferences, and other updated information in home automation on the ConnectSense blog.
  3. Automated Home: Since 1996, Automated Home has been a trusted resource for home automation and entertainment. Originally started as a personal smart home build in the late '90s, Automated Home shares wiring guides, equipment reviews, news, tutorials, and more.
  4. Home Toys: Let's face it: home automation can be downright fun, and it's not too much of a stretch to call smart home devices toys. Home Toys explores residential and commercial automation as well as automation, security, and audio visual systems.
  5. Raspberry Pi: Raspberry Pi can be used for home automation in a number of different applications. This blog examines many of the home automation applications for Raspberry Pi.
  6. Lifehacker Home Automation: A popular blog for improving your lifestyle, Lifehacker's home automation updates share new products, reviews, DIY tips, and practical applications for home automation devices.
  7. SmartThings: Samsung offers an intriguing SmartThings home automation resource. See how the Samsung SmartThings tool works, including how it can save the day and make your home safer.
  8. Electronic House: Electronic House is a long standing leader in information on connected homes and home electronics. On the Electronic House blog, you'll learn about inspiring and exciting products and technologies in home automation and beyond.
  9. Iris by Lowe's: This blog by the Lowe's Iris home automation suite explans the home automation products offered and interesting ways to use them. Find out what you can do with a simple solution straight out of the hardware store.
  10. Gizmodo Home Automation: Tech blog Gizmodo is well known for its expansive coverage of consumer electronics, and home automation is no exception. Gizmodo offers reviews, ideas for using home automation, apps, and more.
  11. Xssentials: Xssentials examines safety devices for automation, integrating home automation with design, whether your home is a good fit for smart home automation, and more.
  12. Techlicious: Featuring products, reviews, tips, and how tos for home automation, Techlicious is an excellent resource for smart home users or builders.
  13. Linux Home Automation: See how Neil Cherry, a home automation guru and software and electrical engineer, uses Linux to automate his home. You'll discover how tos, notes from the field, and lots of resources for building your own home automation solutions.
  14. Smart Home Blog: Discover smart living, security, and insights into smart homes on this blog. See how you can control your smart home, learn about questions you should ask before buying smart devices, and easy ways to make your home smarter.
  15. ConnectedWorld: Considered a comprehensive source for all things connected, Bosch uses this blog to share updates from the Internet of Things, new products, technology for the home, and more.
  16. HomeMonitor Blog: The HomeMonitor blog discusses smart homes, the Internet of Things, smart hacks, and keeping connected at home and beyond.
  17. Do it Yourself Home Automation: For 10 years, this blogger has worked on a home automation system. You'll see firsthand experiences in smart home automation and useful information for those interested in DIYing their own home automation system.
  18. Fluent Blog: Maintained by the MyFluentHome security and home automation system, Fluent offers seasonal reminders for home automation, tech-savvy quizzes, and updates on how you can be prepared for anything at home.
  19. Resolution Products: Resolution Products posts product highlights, how you can better use home automation products, and the security of smart homes, among other topics.
  20. Siio: Siio explores and tests how different products can be used to make your home smarter. You'll see product comparisons, reviews, tips, and how to guides here.
  21. The Connected Home Blog: Follow The Connected Home Blog for connected home conversion tips, updates on services, and even ingenious ways to lower your home energy bills with smart home resources.
  22. Notion: Read this blog from Notion, a sensor home monitor, to learn about the home of the future, interesting home automation applications including Airbnb and property management, as well as taking your home to the next level with home automation.
  23. Open Home Automation: Explore open source home automation and the Internet of Things on Open Home Automation. Popular topics include foiling hackers, how tos, and choosing the right products.
  24. Connected World: Connected World offers regular updates on the Internet of Things, including integration among products, connected homes, and how smart homes are becoming more connected every day.
  25. Connected Home Consortium: Learn about connected homes straight from the professionals at the Connected Home Consortium. You'll see explorations of how connected homes can make living and working simpler, applications for going digital, and more.
  26. Fibaro: Fibaro's home intelligence blog explains how you can use the Fibaro app to improve your life, shares information about the Internet of Things, benefits of home automation, security, and more.
  27. Control4: Control4's blog shares how you can build a smart home from scratch updates in consumer electronics, and even how you can turn your garage into a stunning automated guest room.
  28. Tekoia: Tekoia, maker of a softare plaform for a smartphone-based universal remote explains how you can remotely control your universe from your lamps to your vacuum. They offer insightful advice on making smart home automation purchases, building your own home automation solutions, and smart home trends to watch.
  29. Next Market Insights: What's next in smart homes? You can find out from Next Market Insights. Get weekly updates on advances in smart home trends from Next Market Insights' Smart Home Weekly.
  30. Canary: Makers of the Canary home security system, this blog explores how home automation can make your home safer, how to integrate multiple home automation resources, and more.
  31. Honda Smart Home: Follow this blog to see how Honda builds a smart, sustainable, and secure home using home automation and more.
  32. HGTV Smart Home: Follow posts from HGTV's Smart Home to learn how they develop -- and then give away -- an expertly designed smart home.
  33. Loxone Smart Home: Loxone's Smart Home blog offers posts including trends, case studies, energy management, and simplicity in home automation.