45 Internet Security Resources to Protect You Online and at Home

It's easy to think that Internet security and home security are two completely different and separate concerns, but as home security and home automation technology grows ever more connected, the lines between the Internet and your home are becoming blurred. Hackers today can get into your home network to change home security or automation settings, accessing cameras, turning lights on and off, even opening your garage -- or your front door. Now more than ever before, it's essential that you pay attention to Internet security, if not for your computer, at least for your home.

With these resources, you'll get the tools, knowledge, and references necessary to stay safe online and secure your home. We've found resources from some of the most trusted authorities in Internet security to keep you and your family safe both online and off.

Internet Security Tools

Put these Internet security tools to work to lock hackers out of your computer and home network.

  1. PC World: How to Build the Ultimate Free PC Security Suite: This article explains how you can secure your PC entirely for free.
  2. PC Mag: The Best Security Suites for 2016: PC Mag's guide shares the best suites protecting against viruses, phishing, and more.
  3. Google Safety Center Tools: Use Google's tools to report results and offensive content, use parental controls, filter inappropriate content, prevent accidental purchases, and more.
  4. Kapersky Lab Internet Security: Kapersky's Internet Security suite protects your personal data and sensitive information on every device with a single subscription.
  5. Kapersky Lab Free Security Tools and Apps: Kapersky offers a password manager, safe kids tool, security scan, and more.
  6. Comodo Internet Security Software: Prevent viruses and online threats with Comodo's free internet security software, or upgrade for even more protection.
  7. AVG: AVG offers free antivirus and malware protection for every device.
  8. McAfee Suite: One of the most popular security resources, McAfee offers full featured security products for all users.
  9. Norton Security: Another popular security suite, Norton protects devices with a single subscription.
  10. SonicWALL Phishing IQ Test: How well can you spot a phisher? Take this IQ test to find out how easily you can be duped.

Internet Security Blogs & Information

Get updates on Internet security alerts and the latest in security news from these blogs and trusted information resources.

  1. OnGuardOnline: A division of Homeland Security, OnGuardOnline helps everyday people avoid scams, protect kids online, secure computers, and more.
  2. CIO: CIO's blog shares expert security suite reviews, security tools, and product comparisons from top brands.
  3. StaySafeOnline: StaySafeOnline helps improve awareness of cyber security. Use this resource to learn what you can do to practice online safety.
  4. US-CERT: The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team offers security alerts, tips, and updates for a safer Internet for all Americans.
  5. Wired Threat Level: Discover news updates, security tricks, and more on Wired's Threat Level security blog.
  6. ZoneAlarm: Follow ZoneAlarm's blog to learn about new security threats for consumers.
  7. Zero Day: Zero Day shares the latest in software and hardware security research, threats, and vulnerabilities.
  8. Krebs on Security: Krebs on Security features in depth security news and investigation.
  9. Ars Technica Risk Assessment: Find updates on security and hacktivism on this blog.
  10. Google Security Blog: Follow Google's security blog for news and insights on Internet security and safety.
  11. Kapersky Lab: Discover products and services, free tools, free virus scans, and lots of advice for security on the Kapersky Lab website.
  12. Securelist: Find out about threats, statistics, and the latest in online security and beyond on Securelist.
  13. CVE: Identify common vulnerabilities and exposures on this list.
  14. Google Safety Center: In the Google Safety Center, you'll find tools, guides, and more for staying safe online.
  15. BlogDog: Follow BlogDog to find personal cyber security and anti hacking news.

Internet Security Guides and Tips

Follow these tips and check out articles to get specific recommendations for the steps you can take to stay safe online, protect your home network, and even keep your kids secure when they're on the Internet.

  1. Heimdal Security: 50+ Internet Security Tips and Tricks from Top Experts: Hear from the leading experts in home security on what you need to do in order to stay safe online. Tips include using strong, unique passwords, setting your smartphone to lock, and never clicking suspicious links in emails or texts.
  2. Berkeley Information Security and Policy: Top 10 Secure Computing Tips: Become more aware of cuber security with Berkeley's top computing tips, including avoiding scams, practicing good password management, and keeping software up to date.
  3. Inc.: 10 Expert Security Tips for Using the Internet of Things: Home security cameras, smart refrigerators, and more are all vulnerable to hackers. This article explains the steps you can take to protect your information and your home.
  4. MIT Information Systems and Technology: Top 10 Safe Computing Tips: Use these tips as a checklist to make sure you're protecting yourself on your computer.
  5. US-CERT: Staying Safe on Social Networking Sites: Social networking can spell trouble online and even at home. Read this tip sheet to find out how you can stay safe.
  6. Sophos: Facebook Security Best Practices: Sophos offers an in depth guide to the security controls offered by Facebook, along with recommendations for making the most of Facebook security tools.
  7. US-CERT: Securing Your Home Network: Read this tip sheet to find out about settings changes you can make to make your router less susceptible to attacks.
  8. Sophos: Facebook Security Best Practices: Adjust your settings and follow these tips to avoid having Facebook follow you home.
  9. US-CERT: Defending Cell Phones and PDAs Against Attack: With many cell phones used with home security and home automation systems today, it's more important now than ever to avoid hacking and attacks on your mobile devices.
  10. US-CERT: Protecting Portable Devices: Physical Security: Follow these security tips to make your mobile devices less of a target for would-be thieves.
  11. Safer Internet Day: 6 Tips for Your Kids (And for You, Too!): Keep your kids safe with these six important tips for Internet safety.
  12. National Security Agency: Best Practices for Keeping Your Home Network Secure: Follow the NSA's tips for maintaining a secure home network. Remember: many home automation tools can be accessed by hacking into home networks, so a secure network is essential.
  13. 10 Essential Security Tips for Your Internet of Things: Make smart devices safer with these 10 essential security tips, including knowing what's connected.
  14. 5 Internet Security Tips Every High Tech User Should Know: If you're living a connected lifestyle as most people are, these Internet security tips are essential.
  15. US-CERT: Real World Warnings Keep You Safe Online: Heed these traditional real world warnings to avoid dangers on the Internet as well.
  16. Berkeley Information Security and Policy: Reinstalling Your Compromised Computer: After a hack, can you use your computer again? Use this guide from Berkeley to find out what you'll need to do in order to reinstall your compromised computer.
  17. US-CERT: Keeping Children Safe Online: Follow this tip sheet to learn about the unique security risks children present when they use a computer -- and some of the steps you can take to dramatically reduce threats.
  18. Heimdal Security: 17 Online Shopping Security Tips to Protect Your Money: Keep your purchases secure with these online shopping security tips.
  19. 15 Mac Hardening Security Tips to Protect Your Privacy: PCs are the most common targets of online attacks, but Macs can be vulnerable, too. Read this article to learn how you can protect your privacy and your data if you're on a Mac.
  20. BlogDog: 10 Internet Security Tips: The Homer Simpson Guide: This blog post takes a humorous but helpful look at 10 important Internet security tips with Homer Simpson in mind.

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