The 10 Best Home Security Companies in Oklahoma City, OK

Oklahoma crime rates are above average. With above average rates for both violent and property crimes, Oklahoma home owners are at risk of becoming victims of crime.

Annually, Oklahoma experiences 127,562 property crimes at a rate of 3,526.4 property crimes per 100,000 residents. There are 943.3 burglaries for every 100,000 residents.

In Oklahoma, Oklahoma City has the highest number of property crimes with 35,390 each year. Of those, 9,854 are burglaries and 119 are arsons, threatening home owners with crime and potential violence. However, we are seeing improvement in Oklahoma property crimes, as they dropped from 158,889 annually to 127,562.

Though Oklahoma and Oklahoma City are seeing improvement in property crimes, their rate still remains above average, a troubling fact for home owners in the city. The best way to protect against burglaries and home invasions in a city with high property crimes is with a fully featured home security system. A home security system can provide assurance, peace of mind, and the technology and services needed to effectively deter burglars from entering your home.

We've listed Oklahoma City's 10 best home security companies here. Each of these companies has an excellent local reputation, experience, and expertise in serving the security needs of home owners. They provide each home owner with custom, state of the art solutions and excellent service and support. Oklahoma City home owners can count on them to protect what matters most.

Oklahoma City's leading security companies on our list are all trusted and experienced to deliver an excellent service to home owners. Any one of them would be a good choice for your home security needs, so we've listed them in no particular order. Of course, we'd still like to know which one you think is the best. Tell us by voting in our poll at the end of this article for your favorite Oklahoma City home security company. Vote today and don't wait: the poll closes in 30 days!

Globe Link Security

1021 NW 6th St Oklahoma City, OK 73106 (405) 601-0343

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Globe Link Security specializes in affordable home security. Every customer enjoys an excellent experience with high quality U.L. alarm monitoring and security with one on one local service. Founded in 1994, GlobeLink Security is proud to have completed more than 25,000 installations and continues to sell, install, and monitor security and alarm systems. They're 100% dedicated to life safety and make protection of lives and property their business.

All American Security Systems

Oklahoma City, OK 73172 (405) 728-7779

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All American Security Systems is a full service security company serving Oklahoma City. With nearly 40 years of experience, All American Security Systems is committed to making homes safer with cost effective systems. They specialize in security systems, camera systems, surround sound, access control, and more. Knowledgeable staff are professional and always ready to answer questions.

American Trident Lock & Key

Oklahoma City, OK 73162 (405) 773-0983

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American Trident Lock & Key delivers locksmith and security services to Oklahoma City. Appointments and emergency calls are available 24/7 from trusted, professional technicians.

Guardian Security

4519 NW 3rd St Oklahoma City, OK 73127 (405) 826-4850

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Guardian Security provides Oklahoma City with residential security services. They have more than 12 years in business and have protected thousands of homes in the Oklahoma City area. Guardian Security's 24/7 monitoring services are among the best in the business, and home owners can even remotely monitor their systems from a computer, tablet, or smart phone. Expert installers are professional and follow proper installation procedures for complete and dependable security system coverage.

SoSmart Security

Oklahoma City, OK (844) 397-6278

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SoSmart Security has one goal: to provide customers with smart home technology that makes homes more secure, smart, and efficient. Their management team has more than 30 years of experience in the industry and is dedicated to providing home security and home automation to Oklahoma City. SoSmart Security focuses on customer satisfaction and protects every client with the most advanced equipment available in the industry.

Hampton Fire & Security Protection

P. O. Box 96438 Oklahoma City, OK (405) 706-4759

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Hampton Fire & Security Protection is a full service security company serving Oklahoma City. Areas of specialty for Hampton Fire & Security include residential burglar alarm systems, CCTV, and fire alarm systems. Each burglar alarm system is customized for the best safety, security, and protection.

Camco Alarms

9824 NE 23rd St Oklahoma City, OK (405) 769-7929

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Camco Alarms was founded in 1998 and is a privately owned independent licensed and insured security company. Professionals with Camco Alarms specialize in designing security systems, CCTV systems, audio systems, and more. They focus on quality equipment and installation with excellent attention to detail and a commitment to client satisfaction and trust.

REC Security

P.O. BOX 6620 Moore, OK (405) 691-9120

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REC Security is a family owned business committed to keeping every client's loved ones and valuables safe. The company has served central Oklahoma since 1985. With more than 30 years in business, they have a high level of experience, expertise, and trust in the community. Each client of REC Security enjoys service and peace of mind at an affordable rate. Monitoring is local with a speedy response from a U.L. listed monitoring facility.

The Alarm Group

1829 Atchison Dr Norman, Oklahoma 73069 (405) 364-1000

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The Alarm Group specializes in integrated electronic systems, working with home security, fire safety, and energy management systems for homes and businesses in Oklahoma City. Offering exceptional services and technology, clients enjoy excellent service and professional, trusted staff. With the latest in security equipment, The Alarm Group offers intrusion detection systems, 24 hour local monitoring, fire safety systems, carbon monoxide detection, energy management, and more.

First Priority Alarms

Oklahoma City, OK (405) 604-5622

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First Priority Alarms is a full service security company serving Oklahoma City. The company is family owned and operated and proud to develop excellent relationships with customers. Their areas of specialty are in alarms, camera systems, home automation, and more. The bottom line: they're proud to solve security problems with professional expertise.

Photo by Flickr user plmccordj