The 14 Best Smart Home Security Cameras

A home security camera is one of the most surefire ways to protect your home against intruders. Most burglars prefer not to break into homes where they can be caught with video evidence. That means the mere presence of a security camera can deter a burglar. And if they're able to break in, a security camera can catch them in the act, securing evidence authorities can use to apprehend the bad guys.

Today's smart home security cameras are advanced and offer even more protection that traditional models. One of the most exciting features: they typically connect to mobile phones with instant alerts. This gives you the ability to find out right away if there's an intruder -- and precious moments to call the police before burglars clear out your home and leave with valuables. Other excellent features found on smart home security cameras often include intelligent detection, two way communication, and cloud storage for extra security. Some even come with built in sirens to further deter burglars.

These leading home security cameras offer next generation home protection and assurance for your home and family. You can use them to stay connected, check on kids and pets, and of course, keep burglars at bay.

  1. CleverLoop: CleverLoop offers both an indoor and outdoor surveillance camera with a base station that connects with up to four different cameras. You'll get real time footage, smart detection, geofencing, and scheduling. Using the CleverLoop app, you can get instant alerts, communicate, and view video from any of your smart home security cameras. Plus, you'll get an alarm any time your camera goes offline. The system saves seven days of video clips with optional cloud storage with up to 45 days of continuous video footage from one camera. There is also free and unlimited downloading and sharing of event video clips as well as support for external USB storage devices for continuous video footage. Price: starting at $299
  2. Samsung SmartCam HD: Samsung's outdoor security camera boasts a quick setup and easy operation. All you have to do to set it up is plug the camera in, download the free app, and follow the step by step wizard. You can view HD video on your laptop or mobile device and get alert trigger alarms right away. This camera uses motion detection with custom sensitivity levels as well as specific motion detection zones. Price: $199
  3. SkyBell: Both a camera and a doorbell, you can see and interact with anyone at your front door using SkyBell -- even if you're not at home. Using a motion sensor, SkyBell offers live monitoring with HD video and color night vision. You can hear and speak to anyone at your front door, plus record it all for free. You'll receive smart phone alerts even if a visitor doesn't press a button and will be able to access your camera feed from the app. Price: $199
  4. Kuna: Security cameras don't have to look like cameras. Kuna's products are motion sensing smart lights for your front porch that also include a camera. They offer a live HD video feed, advanced activity alerts, and cloud recordings. Any time motion is detected, Kuna will start recording and send an alert to your smart phone or tablet. Multiple styles and companion lights are available. Price: $199
  5. Canary: Canary is packaged as a discreet and simple all in one home security system that you control from your phone. It provides you with HD video, instant motion alerts, high quality audio and video, cloud storage, and night vision. Canary really stands out for its zero installation time as well as its 90 decibel siren and even home health monitoring including air quality, temperature, and humidity. Price: $199
  6. Cocoon: The Cocoon provides total home protection with HD audio and video, a built in siren, and night vision. Using motion detection and subsound technology, Cocoon will alert you right away if there's anything amiss at home. The device is completely controlled through your smart phone. It automatically arms and disarms, and you can even monitor when family members arrive at and leave your home and watch live video streaming through the app. Price: $388
  7. Piper: Piper is a smart home security and automation system. Using motion and sound detection, smart user detection arming, fully customizable security modes, and an intruder deterrent siren, your home will be protected. Piper has intuitive video monitoring with pan, tilt, zoom, and split screen, immersive video, video on demand, and two way audio. You can detect home vitals and set up security perimeters and lighting and appliance control with additional connected devices. Price: $279
  8. Homeboy: Homeboy is an easy to install and easy to use home security camera. It runs on your Wi-Fi network and a battery with an easy magnetic mount. The camera records audio and video and sends 5-30 second clips with a free plan for access to the last 12 hours on your video timeline. You'll also get app alerts for motion and audio. Homeboy encourages collaborative security, allowing users to invite friends, neighbors, and family to be alerted to motion detection. Price: $189
  9. Logitech Circle: Logitech Circle is a portable security camera designed for indoor use. Mobile device alerts and 24 hour secure cloud storage of videos are included. The camera also offers full night vision and a built in speaker and mic. It uses a charging ring to stay charged and can be used off of the charging ring for up to 12 hours. Plus, you'll get smart alerts with useful filtering so you'll be alerted to a door opening, but not a pet in the room. Price: $199
  10. Simplicam: Simplicam uses innovative face recognition technology to tell you when family members and other trusted individuals are at home -- and when others are at your door as well. You'll get notified when an unrecognized person arives and can browse events to see what caused a motion or sound. And with two way talk, you can even say hello to family members or pets. Price: $149
  11. Nest Cam: Nest Cam is a versatile streaming video camera for your home. You can set it up quickly and securely stream a 130 degree wide angle zoomable view from each camera. You'll get mobile phone alerts for motion and unusual noises and can even talk and listen through your camera. Using Nest Aware, you can get continuous recording and personalized alerts using powerful algorithms. Price: $199
  12. Blink: Blink is a truly wireless security video monitoring system. It is battery powered and wirelessly records HD video with motion and temperature sensors. Blink cameras can be placed anywhere for a live view of video from your smart phone. And with an easy to customize system, it's simple to add on and expand extra cameras and an optional alarm. Price: $99
  13. Arlo: The Arlo camera is a wireless and weather proof HD security camera. It runs on batteries and can be placed inside or outside. You'll enjoy free cloud recording for seven days, plus smart alerts any time motion is detected. Price: starting at $179.99
  14. Ring Stick Up Cam: Ring's Stick Up Cam is weather resistant and wire free. You can use it to see, hear, and speak with visitors. The app allows you to customize motion zoned and sensitivity to activate the cam and trigger alerts with motion detection. It offers cloud video recording and instant alerts on your mobile phone. The camera runs on a battery, but you can purchase a solar panel that offers ongoing power. Ring also offers a video doorbell with a camera function. Price: $199

Photo by Flickr user intelfreepress